Juncoop LED: LED Street Lighting

Juncoop's LED Street Lighting solutions comprise 9 different series that cover all your needs with top quality products, with international certificates and unbeatable price. Why using LED? Discover its advantages.


LED road lights NETTO, LED light street, roadway led lighting 28w

LED Road Lights NETTO

LED street light BASIK, led streetlight 80w, street led lamp 80 watt

LED Street light BASIK

street light LED URBAN, LED Urban lamp, LED road light

Street light LED URBAN

LED road lights, LED street lamps, LED off road light

Series LUPPO


Choose the LED Street Lighting Series that fit better your needs


LED streetlights, LED road light, LED street lamps

LED Streetlights POLARIS

street LED lights VEGA, led street lighting

Street LED lights VEGA

street lamp LED 100W, LED street road light 100 watt, LED roadway lighting


LED light street KIRA, LED street lights 30w, street LED lamps 50 watt

LED light Street KIRA

LED Street Lighting Models:


KIRA: 30W, 50W

LUPPO: 18W, 22W

RIGEL: 30W, 50W

BASIK: 80W, 100W

CLASSIK: 80W, 100W, 120W

VEGA: 120W

URBAN: 50W, 60W, 70W, 80W, 90W, 110W

POLARIS: 56W, 112W, 168W, 224W



street LED light RIGEL, LED street lamp, streetlights LED

Street LED light RIGEL